Lar Hazrat-e-Zeinab School of Nursing





Hazrate zeinab school of Nursing was established by act of the eleventh meeting of Conuncil of Medical sciences universities in 28/6/1987 at first this centre launched in a Five- Class school with limited equipments. In 1991 a wider comlex was created in a land area of 10 hectares and infra structure of more than 6700 square meters with vast facilities and currently the School is operated by larestan university of medical sciences.
This complex is located in South east of Fars Province in lar which is the centre of Larestan.
Training a knowledgeable committed, Faith fvl and an efficient person who can provide caring and cost effective rehabilitation services with the highest Standard for providing protection and promotion of public health by acquiring knowledge and professional skills.
Staffs/ faculty members and students Statistics
Staffs:50    Contractual :1
Faculty Members 8     Students: Female 174     Male 96           Officials :6
Student- Cultural assistance :
The assistance is responsible for student. Cultural affairs non- educational tasks such as food, accommodation, treatment, supplying financial shortages, extracurricular affairs/ activities and monitoring cultural political and Social activities of students organizations.
 Institutions and students organizations:  
Supreme leader’s office                      Quran and Etrat Centre
Basij Islamic association     :                            Film centre
Operating room association
All the organizations and centers hold a wide range of programs such as Celebrating different Ceremonies, Holding recreational, Scientific, Cultural Pilgrimage and tourism camps: Holding mourning ceremonies/Scientific and cultural events, exhibitions of paintings and  books, visiting antiquities and other activities all with Staff and Students. Coopevation. New Films are also Shown every week. These organizations and associations are run by thy assistance of school Students.
School Facilities:
1-Biochemistry,Parasitology,Microbiology and immunology Laboratories ,Nursing skills ,Anatomy and physiology- Skill lab.
2-Library: Book Source ,Magazines and Newspapers archive ,study hall .
3-Aadio Visual room.
4-Computer and internet centre  
·         High- speed intranet 2mb/s
·         Wireless lan in the main School building
·         High-speed wireless communication between the School and Shams and pardis dormitories
·         Phone call on network platform.
5-Student research Committee
6-Guild Council
10-Heating,Cooling and air conditioning.
11-Self- Service
13-play ground
14-Talash fitness centre/gym
15-Transportation service
Microbiology lab:
1-optical Microscope
2-Camera optical Microscope
3-Educational Microscope
4-Video projector
Devices used in the labincludes:
1-Distillation apparatus
5-Hood lab
Educational    Smears
Educational    Posters
Educational    Slides
Different types of chemicals in pharmacology department- Bacteria and parasites coloring equipments
Anatomy lab:
Skeleton and organs Model. Posters (Limbs and organs)
Practice Laboratory:
1-Practice Laboratory of Nursing Skills
2-Models for training ,InJection ,dressing ,Serum ,Internal Fully ,Nasal- gastric tube.
3-Equipmens For injection- Serum-Dressing and all related Materials for Students practice.
Operating room laboratory:
Scrub- prep and general Surgery equipments and other Means(gauze- glove-Syringe- and different sets) 
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